Reckless Ones – Self-Titled EP – Review by: Kaleb Bronson


Review by: Kaleb Bronson

Minneapolis’ own trio of rhythm, rebellion and rockabilly, the Reckless Ones, are back with a thumpin’ self-titled EP to swing everyone into the summery rock-n-roll drag races.

Since 2009 when the Reckless Ones released their first album “Make Your Move,” they have been hitting stages all over the world joining forces with artists such as Slim Jim Phantom, The Koffin Kats and Imelda May. As they have progressed the band has shown that they can offer more than just a rockabilly swing, they have the soul of the blues, the grime of a punk pit and the muscle of a V-twin engine. Each song supplies solid transitions and lyrical leaps. Whether love is the tone or breaking free of conformity, Kevin O’Leary on lead guitar and lead vocals, Dylan Patterson on stand-up drums and vocals, and Adam Boatright on upright bass and vocals slay each track with musical domination.

One short year after they released their first album, they blitzed listeners with another rockabilly fireball, “Set the World on Fire.” This record was released in September of 2010 and brought the kick, punch and thump of Boatright’s bass to the forefront for all to consume.

The new EP is no different; they are back with 6-tracks to entice listeners across the globe. Their sound has gotten crisper yet remains lyrically tantalizing. The intro track to the EP, “Dessert Rose” throws the trio on a Russ Meyer like mission to find a missing beauty, known as the “Desert Rose.” The tone puts the listener on an adventure, lost in the dust searching for something or someone and what they find is the Reckless Ones pounding passion into their ears. Each song these men create could be played in 1950 or 2050, this sound has proven in the past and the Reckless Ones are carrying it into the future. This EP features a song written by the often local Brian Setzer. “Mean Pickin’ Mama” takes a step back and two steps forward, allowing for a shoulder-shaking sound. The best track on this EP has got to be “It’s Time.” This track pulsates defiance and has the listener chanting “It’s Time” along with the song. The combined influence of Patterson’s vibrating stand-up drums, Boatright’s reverberating upright bass and O’Leary’s lyrical command push the EP forward with each shout. The EP closes out on a mellower, galloping break-up song to free oneself from the chains of love before summer begins. “The One” closes it all out for the listener with O’Leary elegantly singing, “What’s been said, and what’s been done all point toward me not/ being the one.”

But the end of this EP is not the end for these men of mystery. They continue to tour and shake up the planet with rhythmic harmonies that are out of this world. The Reckless Ones are more than alive; they are willing to fight to keep rock-n-roll alive in the hearts of the world.


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