Review – Greycoats – World of Tomorrow


By Nick Habisch

It’s weird, after one thorough listening of Greycoats newest album entitled World of Tomorrow, I kept reflecting back onto how much they reminded me of Muse, well if Muse toned their sound down a bit and became slightly more brooding.

World of Tomorrow comes off as dark, dreary, and deep. The lyrics reflect a world that has been thrown into chaos, and yet somewhere on the horizon there is light. It’s an engaging, sometimes morose listen, one that flickers between sorrow and something that could be described as happiness.

Instrumentally the band is solid, with “Weightless”, “Foshay”, and “Leviathan” being a few notable songs that showcase their arrangement of deep keyboards, airy guitars, and crisp rhythms. The music is not extremely technically, instead opting for more of a droning approach, one that layers in well with the typically melancholy lyrical delivery and content.

The whole album seems swathed in a dense reverb, as if Greycoats wished to make the oppressive lyrical tone become an audible element of their sound. This sometimes creates an almost muddy sound, which is slightly disconcerting, but doesn’t pull the listener too much out of the immersion into World of Tomorrow.

World of Tomorrow is an album worth listening to. Although the lyrical and musical content may be too brooding to make for a casual listen, this opens it up for a more in-depth intense aural integration, one that Greycoats deserves with this release.


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