Lucy Michelle – Album: “Attack of the Heart” – Review by: Kaleb Bronson


Review by: Kaleb Bronson

The elegant and angelic voice of Lucy Michelle shines bright on her new album “Attack of the Heart” that has removed the Velvet Lappelles but invited her solo sound to harmoniously caress the Minnesotan soul.

Michelle has been performing with the Velvet Lapelles for the past 5-years, but this album release does not stop her from continuing this musically enhanced relationship with her band. This 25-year-old of gypsy-like qualities took a trip and resulted it in “Attack of the Heart,” a whimsical album of woodsy tranquility.

This album is focused yet delicate; each note and tone touches perfection and then sways into another tree swing of sound. The lyrical content is also something made from a charming wandering mind; a backpack and a road are a perfect combination to experience this record.

The track “Beat Like Mine” shows the passion and levels of love that Michelle puts into her lyrics and then transitions into “All I need” that has a swing, two-step sound, a track to slow dance in the rain to. Michelle sings, “I’m falling asleep at the wheel/ I need you to help me steer.” The basic yet touching lyrics of this song tug on the heart strings and play them like a violin.

As the album progresses, some tracks are deeper than a wishing well and some slide across the water like skipping a stone, but every track flows into the next. Even when the saxophone wails the intro on “Lucky Stars,” the listener is awoken with a musical kiss from Michelle. As Michelle closes out the album with “Honey Moon,” she lays the listener down softly with a song about love and the beauty of Minnesota’s landscapes.

Lucy Michelle’s tenderness is real, her emotions are endless and her melodies are composed and nonconforming. Michelle is a staple musician in MN and “Attack of the Heart” proves that her nomadic soundscape is flavorful with or without the Velvet Lapelles.


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