Desdamona “Mr. Pretender” Release 5/31 at the Kitty Cat Klub.


Desdamona is an inspiring artist who should be heard by everyone. You can check out an interview with her over at Millwind, and tomorrow she is releasing a new single.

Here is the full info from her press release:

Desdamona is excited to announce the release of her first single from the upcoming DigiPhenom EP, due out in July. The single, “Mr. Pretender” was originally featured on the limited edition EP “Say My Name” release for her 2011 appearance at Soundset. There were only 200 copies made of the EP and they were sold out at the festival.

Do you remember the days of the maxi single where artists would have remixes and instrumentals? The NEW “Mr. Pretender” Single features appearances by Carnage the Executioner and Alicia Steele who also have versions featuring them as well as production and remixes by Big Jess, Chickenbone and Ganzobean.

Des will release the single on Friday, May 31st, celebrating at the Kitty Kat Club for the second installation of the Ladies First Showcase by United Sounds and ACEntertainment. There will be free download cards for all in attendance.

Ladies First Showcase
May 31st, Kitty Kat Club – / 315 14th Ave SE, Minneapolis
9PM / 21+ / $5

The night will also feature these local female hip hop acts:
Angel ( )
Sweetz P (
Maria Isa (
DJ Simone (

Ladies First Promoter
Amber ACE Cleveland /ACEntertainment MGMT
612-987-0654 /

Mr. Pretender

What’s smoother, Desdamona’s effortless flows, or Alicia Steele’s soulful chorus?  That is, of course, a trick question because the buttery combination of two of Twin Cities finest female voices lend themselves to express an adage about men as old as time.  Mr. Pretender tells three distinct stories from Ms. Desdamona’s perspective in regard to a man (or a number of men).  We first take note of the ‘player,’ the man with a woman, but relentlessly in pursuit of other options.  Des puts it best when she says, “Why do you have a woman if you want to be free?”  Then we move on to the non-committing opportunist.  This harkens back to the elements Erykah Badu spoke about in her song, “Tyrone.”  But Ms. Desdamona lays it out plain for the misguided man, “You said you wanted a real woman, and this is it.”  The song concludes with Des’ conversational flow, letting the Mr. Pretender in her life know, “The only thing you’ve done for me is help me write this rhyme.”  I don’t know her Mr. Pretender specifically, but inspired insults from a vixen’s vocals have got to sting just a bit.

More on the DigiPhenom EP
In 2012, Des began working on a full length project with producers Brady Glenn (Cincinnati/Minneapolis) and Big Jess (Unknown Prophets) and in the process of creation it was clear some of the songs didn’t fit into the theme and tone of the full length so the idea of an EP leading up to the full length was how DigiPhenom was born. DigiPhenom is a collaboration between Desdamona & Big Jess and the full length featuring both Brady and Jess is still in progress. We’ll keep you updated as things come together.

The EP release is July 26th, a double release with Des’ partner in rhyme Carnage the Executioner.

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