Save The Warehouse



Minneapolis and St. Paul has had it’s share of  all-age venues. All of them have come and went, because it’s just hard to make money at. Alcohol sales seem to fuel venues, and without those sales it’s hard to make money.

The Warehouse which is in LaCrosse, WI has been bucking the trend for 22 years and staying alive mainly because of the owner Steve Harms. It has been a great regional touring stop for many local bands. I know because my band Marcus Noise had played there a few times in the early nineties. There were always great crowds and amazing local bands to play with.

Harms was a great guy to work with, always on the up and up and he also placed us on some great bills. We had some great shows with Killdozer andArcwelder. Many of the people I met down in LaCrosse, I still keep in touch with today. Like Davey Reinders  and Casey Virock of the band Porcupine.

Like all great places you don’t want to go away, but can’t necessarily make it to all the time. The Warehouse is trying to hang in there and is having a fundraiser to help keep developers from turning the historic property it’s housed in, into condos.

We can all help the Warehouse and the all age music fans from LaCrosse keep the awesome thing they have going. They do end coming up here to see shows as well, so it’s sort of a circular music economy thing. It’s good for everyone.


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