Tandem Shop Records – 5 Year Anniversary – 8/3 at Light Grey Art Lab


Saturday August 3rd at 4pm.


Velahsa – “Cookie Monster Ending”


Velahsa is a rock band featuring Bryan Miller (guitar, vocals and keyboard), Tony Marx (bass), and Jack Smrekar (drums); their new album is “Cookie Monster Ending.” Continue reading

Pre-Order – SIFU HOTMAN (Guante + Dem Atlas + Rube)


From The Press Release:

SIFU HOTMAN is a hip hop collaboration between MCs Guante & Dem Atlas and producer Rube. Featuring funky, up-tempo beats perfect for the b-boys and b-girls paired with razor-sharp lyrics from two of the most singular voices in Twin Cities hip hop, this three-song suite will be released on vinyl and digital download on August 13, 2013.


Review – Jack Klatt – Love Me Lonely


By Tommy Rehbein

What a pleasant surprise! Mr. Klatt is not another yawn-inducing singer-songwriter who is singing old diary entries or a Dylan clone, as is often the case when getting a solo record to review Continue reading

Music Track – KPT – Something Went Wrong

Review – Hunting Club – Mosaic


By Tommy Rehbein

This is some very dreamy stuff. From the very opening, I feel like I’m underwater letting my lungs fill up with liquid but instead of panicking, I just accept it and then all of a sudden… I’m a dolphin. I’m exploring this new world through a set of wide, curious eyes and discovering my ability to swim and glide like never before. Continue reading

The GooDBarS – Self-Titled


Review by Christine Mlodzik

The GooDBarS’ new self-titled album is an aural punk/rock assault loaded with cocky swagger. The band sings about cars, motorcycles, and sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll; many of the songs are laced with profanity and are NSFW – song titles such as “Hello Fuckers” and “Camarojuana” should tell you that. Continue reading

Video – Avenpitch – Manscaping

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 8.43.25 AM

Review – Cars and Trucks – Theatre Stardusk


By Tommy Rehbein

Duluth’s Cars & Trucks play well-produced, guitar-heavy pop whose instrument tones and vocal style remind me a bit of bands like Kid Dakota and Story of the Sea. Continue reading

Video – Southside Desire/Black Diet Split EP Promo Video