Review – Ashley Gold – This Sinking Ship


By Brandon Henry

If you have a shiny sequined dress or a slick fitting suit and a good pair of dancing shoes, then you need to get on board Ashley Gold’s This Sinking Ship.  Hip R & B/soul like this just isn’t made these days and to miss this boat would be a shame.

On the scene since 2005, she’s been ahead of the curve on the current neo-soul revival going on and this record proves she’s the real deal.  From breakup songs like “Runaway” to ballads like “Dyin’ Breed,” “Absolute Value” and “Kissing Me” the eight songs on the album are filled with tasty hooks, grooves, breakdowns and refrains that echo through your head, while the tight arrangements show off the sheer talent of her high-class backing band that smoothly blends jazz, soul, blues and rock with intelligence and taste.

The slick production fits the music well with Ashley’s voice front and center, but never overshadows its nuances.  Like a master of her craft, she beautifully places flourishes, playful scats and shimmering soul, drawing the power and emotion out of every finely tuned line.  These songs are fun, intelligent and without cliché.  You’ll want to be onboard this sinking ship.

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