One Night Stand: Shining Light On This Dark Comedy


By Christine Mlodzik

One Night Stand is a “reality” Web series following an infamous Minneapolis rock band called One Night Stand. In reality, it’s a dark comedy with sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll. And more drugs and a few fights. And beer cans on the coffee table. It’s funny, smart and at times, cringeworthy.

In a nutshell: A decade has passed the band’s prime, but it’s not stopping One Night Stand’s members Rikki Rash (Ryan Kiser), Paul Spitz (Pete Duffy), Ace Storm (Brandon Van Vliet) and Chester “Mac” McDonald (Eric McCulloch) from making another attempt at superstardom. The only things standing in the boys’ way are their soaring egos, repeated drug use and deep rooted insecurities.

You’ll fall in love with this One Night Stand. At the very least, you’ll be great friends. Benefits optional.

One Night Stand was co-created by John Karsko and produced by Restraining Hollywood located here in the Twin Cities, started by Braden Palmer and Brandon Van Vliet to make indie films and music videos.

Restraining Hollywood shot a couple of One Night Stand: Season One episodes in 2009; they finished more of the first season in 2010. One Night Stand: Season Two premiered at the St. Anthony Main Theatre in Minneapolis in June 2013. The six new episodes were screened back-to-back to commemorate the boys’ long overdue reunion. No word if there will be a season three, fingers and toes are crossed.

Restraining Hollywood has made numerous feature films and dozens of music videos since 2004. Their first film, a campy, grindhouse, horror comedy, “Up North,” was released Halloween night 2004. The dramatic thriller, “Hunting Buddies,” was picked up for worldwide distribution by FilmWorks Entertainment. In 2010, they shot the gritty crime drama, “In Harm’s Way,” which was picked up for international distribution from Maverick Entertainment. A variety of new scripts are being written and future projects are being developed for 2013 and 2014.

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