Avenpitch – “Disconnect”

Avenpitch - Disconnect Cover

Review by Christine Mlodzik

“Disconnect” is the newest album by Minneapolis-based electro-punk band Avenpitch. Avenpitch is Todd Millenacker (vocals, guitars, keyboards and programming), Paul Hudalla (drums and bass guitar), Nic Heidt (guitars and background vocals) and Kris Verplank (keyboards and production).

Each song on “Disconnect” is a well-produced, high-energy, three-minute danceable burst of 80s synth-pop, influenced by Devo, New Order and even Weird Al Yankovic. But it was Avenpitch’s lyrics that struck me, right from the first track, “Bring On All That Can Go Wrong.”

      Gonna pass the test – you’ve got something to prove

      Are you living life – or is it living you?

All the songs’ words are sharp, and have an introspection and maturity I wasn’t expecting. It’s sorta like sucking on a sugar-coated lemon drop – it may be sweet on the outside, but there’s a tart bite in the middle.

Then there’s “Manscaping.” It’s just plain fun:

      I got the fur, I got the burn

      I got a razor and a scissor and I’m willing to learn

      How to control, this chest afro

      And I ain’t gonna quit for as long as it grows

If these guys do a video for any of these songs, I really hope it’s this one. With lyrics like that, and a well-done video, you’d be laughing all the way through it.

“Waiting” is the last song listed, but there’s one more that follows, the title track, “Disconnect.”

      And I wonder if it’s all in my mind

      Or maybe it’s been this way through all time

      I don’t when the disconnect set in

      But I hope that we can connect again

Even if you don’t think you’d like electro-punk, “Disconnect” is far from a boring listen. Avenpitch has a knack for crafting catchy and danceable pop songs, they’re also a high-energy band who gives it their all on stage and “Disconnect” is a great reflection of that energy.

Track listing:

01. Bring On All That Can Go Wrong

02. St. Vitus Dance

03. Getting Too Old

04. Manscaping

05. Fremdenführer

06. Soon Enough

07. All Your Friends

08. Toy Store

09. Pincushion

10. Waiting



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