Review – Botzy – Buck Fotzy


By: Becca Martin

Botzy has been waiting for a moment. Well, his arrival is imminent. Catch his CD release party for the album Buck Fotzy, Saturday, July 13th at the Triple Rock Social Club. The album was released on July 9th from the label Fake Four Distro. The release is well crafted with a great mix of hip-hop, old school scratch, catchy lyrics, and some creative tracks featuring retro feeling horns, and piano.

Justyn Dow is a highlight on the song “Thrill is Gone”, which has an amazing intro, and intelligent lyrics that we can all identify with. The chorus on “Couldn’t Breathe” grabbed me tight. “When it goes, it goes, it goes so far, when it comes, it comes, it comes so hard”. I am literally shaking my head as I listen to it and write this. I highly recommend checking out the accompanying video for the song, a great tale of obsessive love. “Burger Jones” is more purist in style, and Botzy hits it just right with “You Got It”… Loved the underlying scratch, jazzy piano, and horns. He has a real talent for just the right catch that sticks.

Minneapolis has it so good with the plethora of hip-hop and rap that we enjoy. Botzy cut his teeth working with artists such as P.O.S, Carnage, and Moody Black who was formerly known as GAHEDINDIE. Stepping out on his own with this release is HIS moment. Kill it down Botzy.


CD release party 7/13/13 Triple Rock Social Club: WWW.triplerocksocialclub.COM


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