Review – With a Gun for a Face – Autocrat


By Kristine Volovsek

With a Gun for a Face recently released their new Autocrat album.  The tracks have classic metal names like “Sisyphus” and “I Am Become Death.”  Steady basslines drive this gritty, emo-stoner metal and frantic guitar strumming helps the pounding drums keep a steady, powerful beat.

While listening to Autocrat I found myself sometimes staring at the floor, bobbing my head, but at other times head-banging and jumping around. The singing/screaming can be indecipherable, but I think that’s part of the territory.  Autocrat alternates putting you in a trance with the bass and then suddenly snapping you out of it with the guitar.

If you’re the slightest bit into metal, you should checkout Autocrat. With a Gun for a Face made some sort of amazing companion video that really adds to the mystery of the music – a must see  Though it’s a little short for my taste, I still really liked Autocrat. Well done.

You can get Autocrat right here (for FREE!)


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