Brian Just Band – “Enlightenment”


Review by Christine Mlodzik

The new album by the Brian Just Band, “Enlightenment,” is a wonderful summer soundtrack for right now, or to evoke the sweet memories of summers past.

The album is bright and sunny, radiating with jazz and pastoral sounds, along with harmonies reminiscent of 60s folk bands. “Enlightenment” has such a loose, natural feel, you’d think it was just a few musicians toying around in the studio and the sounds flowed naturally.

The Brian Just band is comprised of Brian Just (guitar, vocals), Josie Schmitt (piano), Rick Widen (banjo), Andrew Bartelson (drums), Jenny Hanson (flute) and Jim O’Neill (bass).

“Maybe” starts off with an orchestral flourish and shimmery, twinkling touches of cello, violins, piano and flute. A banjo adds a sweet tang to “To Be Loved.” “Everyday” is the most rock sounding song out of all. “Nokomis Park Bench (15-Minute Lunch Break)” is simply charming with the sounds of a park at in the intro. “April and Diamonds I” is the only instrumental, soft, sweet and sad.

Brian Just and his band meld words and sound making “Enlightenment” a pleasant listen. And besides, any band who lists the The Muppets as an influence (see their Facebook page) can’t be half bad.


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