The GooDBarS – Self-Titled


Review by Christine Mlodzik

The GooDBarS’ new self-titled album is an aural punk/rock assault loaded with cocky swagger. The band sings about cars, motorcycles, and sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll; many of the songs are laced with profanity and are NSFW – song titles such as “Hello Fuckers” and “Camarojuana” should tell you that.

The GooDBarS are RJ (vocals), Michael (guitars), Clinton (guitars), Bart (drums) and Todd (bass).

RJ’s vocals sound like a subdued George Thorogood. The album has a great tempo shift between songs; each track sets up for the next track. Each of the tracks is short, coming in around three minutes or less, and each is well-produced. With the exception of “Dust and Evil” and “I’m Alive,” the album really isn’t commercial or radio-friendly, yet the tracks are engaging and sound like they’d be great heard live.

The GooDBarS’ self-titled album is good and doesn’t need any over dramatic descriptives; it’s a solid album that needs to be listened to.


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