Review – Jack Klatt – Love Me Lonely


By Tommy Rehbein

What a pleasant surprise! Mr. Klatt is not another yawn-inducing singer-songwriter who is singing old diary entries or a Dylan clone, as is often the case when getting a solo record to review

This guy plays clever, ragtime flavored tunes and he’s one helluva guitarist to boot. Great songs with witty lyrics and when he’s taking a break from a hard luck troubadour’s verse, he’s tickling our ears with fancy fingerpicking and note flying.

The album is quite sparse: a voice and a, acoustic guitar. It’s recorded well though very stripped down. No matter, Jack Klatt doesn’t need all of the bells and whistles; he does just fine as is, thank you very much. I will say: 16 songs is a bit much. This album makes me want to go fishing or ride a train.


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