Velahsa – “Cookie Monster Ending”


Velahsa is a rock band featuring Bryan Miller (guitar, vocals and keyboard), Tony Marx (bass), and Jack Smrekar (drums); their new album is “Cookie Monster Ending.”

The album starts off with a bang with “Velociraptor,” it’s loaded with catchy pop-punk riffs, solid vocals and simple, yet not repetitive, drums.  It’s a very good song that made my ears perk up.

Then the second track, “Wish List” started – and talk about a 180 degree gear switch from pop-punk to a slower, more indie sound. It’s a good track, just sounds strange following the first. About 2/3 of the way through, “Wish List” switches back to a more pop-punk sound.

There are only seven tracks and each is short and snappy. “Cookie Monster Ending” feels like two albums in one and I’m not sure the direction Velahsa is taking or wants to take – it almost seems as if the group is trying to figure out their sound as they go on.

Personally, I think their pop-punk kicks ass and I’d like to hear an entire album of it.


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