Review – Cloud Cult – Love


By Tommy Rehbein

Ok, I have a pretty funny Cloud Cult story. A long, long time ago I used to prank bands that put ads in the City Pages seeking members. One ad stated they were looking for a female bassist who also sings. I called the number and explained that I was biologically a man, but in drag, nobody could tell the difference. Continue reading


Review -Beachmaster – Love Lake


By Brandon Henry

Forget the purified waters of Lake Minnetonka, do yourself a favor and dive head first into the sunny sounds of Love Lake.  On Beachmaster, their second album, these guys take over where Weezer left off, combining simple, catchy songs with multi-layered, jammed out riff rock that’s awash in summery reverb.  Featuring songs about great landladies, bicycles, and chasing love, each filled with memorable hooks and swooning ooos and ahhhs that make Beachmaster a great summer album. Continue reading

Review – Apocalypse Meow – Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats!


By: Nick Habisch

The majority of Punk music tends to revel in the idea of “raw” sound. Whether this be in a sloppy style of play, gritty recording, or just a dirty aesthetic, this seems to be a backdrop of punk music, and with Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats!, Apocalypse Meow embraces this idea fully. Continue reading

Review – Heavy Deeds – Light Lunch


By Tommy Rehbein

Go buy a van and put shag carpet inside of it. Drive west. Pick up a couple hitchhikers along the way. Stop in the desert and take some peyote. Wander around beneath the sun for a while. Continue reading

Event – Taylor Sound Open House

Talyor Sound Poster

Review – Strange – EP I


Review by Tim Kraus

Metal as a modern genre seems to have many faces.  Some of its faces have many notes, played in such fast succession as to make each of them meaningless individually. Other of Metal’s faces seem more concerned with looking/sounding scary than making music that is enjoyable to listen to. Continue reading

Review – Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band – Promises To Deliver


By Tommy Rehbein

Nato Coles has made himself a bit of a household name in the Minneapolis punk community with his heavy playing schedule and energetic live shows. He’s been in a number of well-respected punk groups over the years and now leading his own Blue Diamond Band, Mr. Coles has taken on the mantle of a rock ‘n’ roll revisionist. Continue reading