Dear Data – “Wait Until You See”


Dear Data’s new album is entitled “Wait Until You See” and it seems so fitting after a listen. I knew nothing of this band and with a name like Dear Data I expected a quirky, Devo-esque vibe, or maybe even an obscure Star Trek: The Next Generation reference thrown in, but what I got what was none of the above.

In a nutshell, Dear Data is R&B-influenced vocals juxtaposed against jazzy, yet indie, instrumentals. The sound might just wrap you up in a hypnotic fog that you won’t want to leave.

Dear Data is Yasmina Moore-Foster (vocals), Alan Church (drums, percussion, vocals), Matthew Sandstedt (bass, keyboards, vocals) and Charlie Ward (guitar)

“Stone Cold Fox” starts off the album with its shimmering guitars. “The Mistakes I Make” is stunning; it’s very soulful and I can’t help make the vocal comparison to Oleta Adams and Brenda Russell. And “Kentucky Roads” offers up the best lyrics on the album:

My sanity always comes when I’m looking to hide
My sanity always runs when I’m losing my mind

Speaking of lyrics, I’d describe them best as enigmatic. They didn’t make complete sense to me and that’s okay, maybe they’re for the writer(s) only to know and for us to interpret them in our own way.

Recommendation: Buy, listen, enjoy, repeat.


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