Review – Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band – Promises To Deliver


By Tommy Rehbein

Nato Coles has made himself a bit of a household name in the Minneapolis punk community with his heavy playing schedule and energetic live shows. He’s been in a number of well-respected punk groups over the years and now leading his own Blue Diamond Band, Mr. Coles has taken on the mantle of a rock ‘n’ roll revisionist.

Sounding more like Springsteen or sometimes The Clash than, say, Dillinger Four, Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band are going back a little further and finding their home in working class rock anthems. You could listen to this album with your dad while drinking beers together, so maybe it will serve as a bonding agent for some of you out there with strained relationships at home.

It might work against Nato Coles that there are currently a shitload of punky Springsteen-on-their-sleeves bands out there like The Gaslight Anthem or Against Me, etc., but this is done well enough to stand apart. I mean there’s honestly not a bad track here. Not extremely original, but if it’s not broken…

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