By Becca Martin

As I write this article the creative team of photographer Sara Montour and audio man Steve Korff, whom fondly refer to themselves as “hoarders of nostalgia” embark on the second year of their collaboration: Live Letters.  There have been some changes and I recently sat down with Sara to chat about it. Continue reading

July Fighter – ‘Live and Let Live’


Review by Christine Mlodzik

The July Fighters call their new album, ‘Live and Let Live,’ their “most ambitious album to date.” I don’t know that I’d personally call it ambitious, but I would call it a departure from their previous albums. Continue reading

Patrick’s Cabaret: Singer/Songwriter Series 9/8


Patrick’s Cabaret presents the Singer/Songwriter Series featuring a mix of talented, emerging, and established artists. The next Series, on Friday, September 13, features:

Robin Kyle (of BlackAudience/Valet)
Robin Kyle is a native of Belfast who moved stateside in 1994. Kyle played acoustic sets in local circles after moving from Ireland at the age of 17, but soon wanted to move his music in a different, more rocking direction.

Midwest Paul Cook (of Jack Klatt & CatSwingers)
Midwest Paul Cook was born and raised in rural southern Minnesota. Now based out of Northeast Minneapolis, he plays old time blues and ragtime inspired by the music of the 20s, 30s and 40s.

Drew Peterson (of Dead Pigeons)
Drew Peterson’s music is like “coming home.” In a world where heartache bursts at the proverbial seams, Drew’s voice brings calm and peace. He lives in a small cabin in northern Minnesota writing and recording.

There will be one additional performer, to be announced.

Event Details: 

Friday, September 13, 2013

Doors at 7:30 PM, Music at 8:00 PM

$8 in advance from artists and $10 tickets at the door (cash or check only)

Patrick’s Cabaret

3010 Minnehaha Avenue South 

(612) 724-6273

Patrick’s Cabaret supports artists in their growth and development by encouraging artists of all experience levels to try new things, take risks or present works in progress. We serve a diverse range of artists, from emerging to experienced, from teenagers to seniors. The Cabaret’s first commitment is to serve the needs of local performing artists, specifically reaching out to artists of color and GLBT/queer-identified artists and those with disabilities.

The Great Went Have Gone There – Interview


By Tim Kraus

Discussing homebrew and interesting TED talks at the home of The Great Went bassist Kevin Hurley, one might not expect that this group of cordial fellows was the same group behind The Great Went’s melodic and thunderous new self-titled release.  The Minneapolis kings of delay (a begrudgingly accepted title) methodically wrote this layer-cake of an album earlier in 2013, before recording and mastering at SignatureTone Recording with the increasingly infamous Adam Tucker. Continue reading

A Chat With Hannah von der Hoff


By Becca Martin

Sitting for hours on the patio at Sea Change I basked in the Minneapolis summer air and in the radiance that Hannah von der Hoff exudes.  There is so much to wonder about her and she indulged me over a cocktail and a coffee. Continue reading