Music Review – Verskotzi – “Lemon Heart “


By Becca Martin

“Lemon Heart” is Verskotzi’s first full-length album release. The band is Joey Verskotzi, Izaac Burkhart, Ian Allison, & Grady Kenevan. The album was recorded and produced by Izaac Burkhart at The Color Lounge in NE Minneapolis.

The sound of “Lemon Heart” is poppy with an indie edge. This was particularly humorous for me because when I saw the band name my first instinct was that it was a hip-hop stage name as in “verse + kamikaze”. Verskotzi has put together an album that is strongly influenced by the personal story of its lead vocalist Joey Verskotzi. At times I wonder if these songs were a confession or a penance. Listen and you will understand where Joey has come from, and where he aspires to go.

With a uniquely raspy sounding voice that has good range-near falsetto at times Joey Verskotzi almost reminds me of a young and more commercial Rufus Wainwright. “Honey” has already received notice and airplay in the local radio arena. It is more of a poppy/jangly song with a nice catch.  I quite liked “Heartless Songs” for the honesty it evokes and the more aggressive guitar tone, not to mention the sexiness of Joey’s vocals. The stand out for me was “Luck” because it is so damn frank.  Heart on sleeve moments is what Mr.Verskotzi seems to be all about. As a songwriter Joey has grown and with time it will be fascinating to see how he progresses. “Blue” is a nice showcase for his range and a simply beautiful song with piano accompaniment. Holly Hansen of Zoo Animal lends her vocal support on the dark track “Abandoned Love” giving it a haunted quality.

All in all, Verskotzi’s “Lemon Heart” deserves a good listen. I think that this first album is a good indication that we should keep an eye on what this band could accomplish. Decide for yourself at their Album release show on Saturday November 2nd at Icehouse.


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