Review – Robots From The Future – Entendres


By Kristine Volovsek

The first 15 seconds of Robots from the Future’s Entendres made me think I was getting into some sort of weird dub step album.  However, when the vocals and guitar came in on the first track, my fears were subdued.  Throughout Entendres they play with robotic, computer-esque, and synthy sounds which I found rather fitting and fun.  Though the name Robots from the Future, to me, connotes something new – perhaps a sound that hasn’t been done before – this album kept reminding me of other bands.  My impression is that I can hear who, perhaps, influenced Robots from the Future but I can also hear how they’re trying to expand on those sounds and create their own. 

The beginning of “You could want more” is a little weak but when the guitar kicks in I’m hooked.  The heavier guitar and the voice’s texture reminded me of a spacy Queens of the Stone Age.  I found myself jamming-out to this song the most.  I think it’s the rockin’ guitar that does it for me.  Toward the end, the whole song shifts. Even though it’s a little confusing, I still like it.  The fade-out at the end works well and is enjoyable.

The vocal distortion in “Run” is a sweet touch for a song about running and hiding and I really like the jam at the end.  “Members Only” is super Devo-y.  Had I not known what I was listening to, I would’ve actually assumed it was some weird unheard Devo track.  With deeper tones and bass during the middle parts of “Members Only,” Robots from the Future definitely demonstrated that it was their own.  This is one of my favorite tracks on the album.

With an interesting chord progression, spacy/ambient sounds, and a solid beat, “Dephlogisticated” has the most unique feel.  The song speaks of love as something that burns up or combusts.   Toward the end of “Dephlogisticated” they really get into the sci-fi-space-synth sounds, which is pretty cool.

The title track, “Entendres,” is like something David Bowie and The Walkmen would’ve made together.  I thoroughly enjoy the rolling bass throughout this track.  The distortion and heavier feel in “Protection,” again, reminds me of Queens of the Stone Age for some reason.  “Like a Simile” has some great surfer-rock guitar and a clever name.  The lyrics of “Give You a Ring” struck me the most.  Though the word “ring” might be a bit over-used, I enjoyed how they played with its multiple definitions.  “Little Black Alpha Betas” is when the droids get to sing!  It’s a great way to wrap up Entendres.  The line at the very end “androids may dream of electric sheep / I only dream of you” melts my heart a little bit – it’s a wonderful reference and it’s cute as hell.

After taking a quick peek at their Facebook page, I bet that Robots from the Future put on a really fun, nerdy, light-hearted show.  The pole-dancing androids in the picture make me wonder if perhaps there were some double-meanings I missed in Entendres, and make me think the album cover is a bit more sexual than I at first thought.

I really enjoy how Robots from the Future have an intriguing way of blending rock and pop, but with so many bands out there making good music it’s hard to create a sound that is distinctly your own.  I look forward to hearing how Robots from the Future continue to evolve.


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