Review – The Chambermaids – Whatever Happened Tomorrow


By Tommy Rehbein

It’s almost always a treat when a well-respected producer gets the chance to step away from projects he or she is enlisted to help create for a living and focus inwardly, often resulting in imaginative records that are aching to get out. Such is the case whenever a Chambermaids album is released. Continue reading


Rare Form Mastering


The CC Club’s 80th Anniversary Bash Day Two


By: Becca Martin

Never got that disco nap before heading out into the blistering cold to join the second & final day festivities of the CC Club’s 80th anniversary bash.  The staff was in good spirits, tired but feeling a blush of success at having survived the first night of bringing back live music to the club. Continue reading

Video – Very Small Animal – Wolf

Video – Crankshaft and the Gear Grinders – Fill It Up

CC Club 80th Anniversary Bash Day One


By Becca Martin

There have been numerous & definitive articles chronicling the 80-year-old history of the CC Club.   So I don’t feel the need to rehash its pre-prohibition days up until its 1980’s height and the local greats that for all intents and purposes lived, loved & worked there. Continue reading posts events and happenings on Facebook.

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