Road Reports Tres’


By Becca Martin

“Well, every band I’m sure has their Terrible Tour Story, but ours is this: we drove 8 hours to play a show in Chicago, got there to find they were not expecting us (they were nice, though, they let us open the night), got paid in the form of stale animal crackers (literally, they handed us a box and said: Hope this helps!), and spent the rest of the night driving around a harrowing part of Chicago looking for the place we were supposed to be staying.  When we finally got to the hotel, it was clear that we’d missed an episode of horrifying violence by about 45 seconds.  The next day we just drove home in silence, and ate the animal crackers.  Not funny then, but very funny now.  It’s become our Gauge of Success.  Did we get paid more than stale animal crackers?  If yes, then Success!  If not, then Depression.”

*Pennyroyal (Angie Oase)


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