CC Club 80th Anniversary Bash Day One


By Becca Martin

There have been numerous & definitive articles chronicling the 80-year-old history of the CC Club.   So I don’t feel the need to rehash its pre-prohibition days up until its 1980’s height and the local greats that for all intents and purposes lived, loved & worked there.

The CC is one of those places that when you look at the time you realize that hours have passed in what seemed like minutes.  The staff is real and they expect you to treat the place like you are visiting their home. There is a comfort in that.  No pretense. No bartenders that treat you with disdain.  The kind of place that a friend of mine would always get her quarters for laundry and then down a drink while she waited for her wash to finish.    After a passionate night you might call in sick and head down the street to the CC for breakfast with the person who you would unknowingly one day marry.  That is a true story.  That is the CC Club.  Homey & salt of the earth.

80 years that is impressive.  Every decade has seen various music styles along with a slightly different crowd but one thing has remained.  The CC is the place where musicians gather.  You might see Actual Wolf, Dave Simonett of Trampled by Turtles, or Pennyroyal who practically live there as Kim Laurent-Lusk their manager extraordinaire is employed by the CC.  That brings me back to the staff that will pour you a good & cheap drink.   There is the local music jukebox where you can discover bands that you would otherwise never encounter.  Red slippery booths where bands have formed but also disintegrated.

So much credit is due to the owners & employees for returning live music to a place that just imbues it.   It felt so right to see the stage and hear the music emanating from it.  When the CC was bought by the same people who run the foodie/organic French Meadow there was quite an outcry that the bar would lose all of its charm.  Pretty clear that has not happened…in fact it seems they mean to preserve and enhance it instead.

Night one of the Anniversary Bash sold out in a matter of hours.  The line up was hush hush-unannounced.  If you missed out I will give you the scoop.  The players were Curtiss A., Hardcore Crayons, Sean Anonymous, Person Hunter, Pennyroyal, Red Daughters, & Tapes ‘n Tapes.  Such a delight to see Curtiss A. play host.  Person Hunter tore it up with their mix of heavy & speed metal. They are the joyful antithesis to this era of singer/songwriter music.  The youthful Hardcore Crayons jammed in a Primus like way with jazz notes thrown in.  Sean Anonymous got up there and did what he does best-involve the crowd with his beats.  Pennyroyal played their rock country hearts out & brought this lady to mistiness when together with Curtiss A. they did a cover of the Replacements “Achin’ to be”.  Red Daughters charmed with their trippy rock-n-roll.  The closers were Tapes ‘n Tapes who wowed with their catchy jangly rock. Whew…that was just night one, I am exhausted & excited to do it all over again tonight.  This lady needs a disco nap.  See you there!






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