The CC Club’s 80th Anniversary Bash Day Two


By: Becca Martin

Never got that disco nap before heading out into the blistering cold to join the second & final day festivities of the CC Club’s 80th anniversary bash.  The staff was in good spirits, tired but feeling a blush of success at having survived the first night of bringing back live music to the club.

Again Curtiss A. was the emcee and started the night off with a story of how his mother had once worked at the CC.  I couldn’t tell you the story because I think that it ended rather abruptly. How rock and roll-right?

The curtains parted and Curtiss introduced Bethany Larson and the “new fucking” Bees Knees whose blend of indie singer/songwriter rock got people’s attention.  Immediately I noticed that the sound was going to be much louder than on the first night.  People seemed to trickle in a bit slower on the second night and I have to assume it was due to the bitter cold.  I spoke with Shawn Walker of Gay Witch Abortion just prior to their quite raucous set.  He explained to me that the band name had been put formed from the 3 most offensive words that they could string together.  Well, I have to say that their performance was awesome, loud, and mesmerizing.  If you haven’t seen them before I recommend it.  They practically blew the stage up.  The Mighty Mofos were greeted with love from many longtime fans.  Having seen them back in the day I am pleased to report that they still “got it”.  There was some kind of an injury sustained by lead vocalist Bill during the set as blood was seen dripping down his face.  Pretty rock-n-roll, the show must go on all that and it did as they revved up the audience with their energetic rock.  BNLX plus some neat light tech work played next.  Their heavy throbbing bass kicked it into an intense place and I particularly loved their performance of the song “Opposites Attract”.   A real crowd pleaser was when they led into “I Don’t Know” by the Replacements.  The way that Ed and Ashley Ackerson’s vocals volleyed back and forth during the song was the highlight of the evening for me.   Now, if you have never heard of the band “Buildings” and prefer really heavy death metal like dirges then you need to see these guys.  Really loud, fast and they had a great rapport with the audience.  The last band of the night was The Sex Rays which includes Ben Crunk who bartends & serves at the CC Club.  They were slouchy and reminiscent of the Stooges and the Animals.  The band has a loyal following and at one point a rabid fan let out an impassioned and spontaneous scream. Fantastic.

I stumbled out into the frigid night and thought “Yep, this night rocked me.” I couldn’t have been happier or asked for more than that.  Okay, I just lied to you. I spent a lot of time prior to the show contemplating the possibility that the Replacements or Soul Asylum could show up to shock & awe us.  People were checking in with me wondering the same thing.  In the end, it was not to be.  This is about 2013 and moving forward by embracing the past.  Something that I think the CC will achieve for quite some time.


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