Review – The Chambermaids – Whatever Happened Tomorrow


By Tommy Rehbein

It’s almost always a treat when a well-respected producer gets the chance to step away from projects he or she is enlisted to help create for a living and focus inwardly, often resulting in imaginative records that are aching to get out. Such is the case whenever a Chambermaids album is released.

As a producer, Neil Weir is the sonic mastermind behind albums from bands like: Gospel Gossip, The Cloak Ox, Signal To Trust, and many others. This is all said to point out the track record of successful marriages between sound and moods when Weir is at the helm.

Of course, Neil Weir isn’t the only force behind The Chambermaids; the group has always been anchored by the vocals shared with sister Martha Weir and the soundscapes they create together with their instruments. Different members have come and gone over the years, but this line-up is solid, completed by drummer Alex Rose and guitarist Nate Nelson, respectively.

Whatever Happened Tomorrow is notably an ethereal affair. The warm, old-time sound of the drums and bass hold things together while guitars fuzz, bleed, reverberate, and swirl within this framework. Co-ed vocals – soft and breathy – hide behind the layers of noise, lending a sonically induced state of melancholia and dreaminess to everything.

With an ideal mix of ghostly ‘60s pop and whirling shoegaze influences, The Chambermaids are batting a thousand on their new record.

Favorite track: “China Blue”


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