Review – Little Man – Original Face


By Becca Martin

I don’t usually start an album review with a thank you but, why not? Yep, thank you Little Man for making this record. Get ready to Love “Original Face”, here’s why:

The album is a cohesive romp through the best of glam rock minus all the pretense. Skillfully recorded at Minneapolis’ Flowers Studio by Kris Johnson and mastered by Ed Tinley, the album could have been on the soundtrack for the movie Velvet Goldmine. That is high praise, as never have I so loved a soundtrack, even if the featured band “Venus in Furs” is fictional.

I first became aware of Little Man’s frontman (Chris Perricelli AKA Little Man) when I saw him play with The Ike Reilly Assassination. He stole the show and that is difficult when you play with someone as charismatic as Ike. Chris Perricelli has a style all of his own, from his onstage presence to the clothes that he wears, and Original Face does not disappoint. The album speaks of a journey of self reflection and growth, and is delicious to sit back and listen to from first track to the last.

In “Flip You Over” there is a message of challenging oneself to change your way of thinking. “Builder” reminds you to not take for granted however humble your beginnings as in the lyric “And you remember how you got there now. Do you?”

The highlight of the album is the track “Medicinal”, Perricelli channels the glam rock vocal stylings of T.Rex and Bowie perfectly. In “Beyond Each Other” it is all about chemistry-ooh la la, a sexy little ditty. Little Man can play the romantic as well. The longing tone of “Find Me Now” is pure heartache, culminating in a unique vocal effect.

On the track “Sun”, I can imagine sitars and tablas being added into the mix. Hell, I can imagine George Harrison sitting in. In fact, Chris even resembles George Harrison.

A hint of psychedelia is scattered throughout the album without being claustrophobic. The guitars (Perricelli on guitar and Brian Herb on bass) are driven, even dueling, and on “Beyond Each Other” they completely kill it. Sean Gilchrist on the drums bangs forcefully, but has the tools to rein it in when the song demands.

In no way is “Original Face” outdated, or of the past. Not at all, the album is a welcome and melodic antidote to the singer songwriter path we have been consumed with of late, and I for one am ready for the path less traveled. Lead on Little Man!

See below for details on the album release with Pink Mink & Fury Things on 4/18/14 at the Amsterdam Bar & Hall:

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