Interview with Scott Laurent “Love Don’t Let Me Down”


By: Becca Martin

In part, Dan Wilson may be to blame or to praise, as a reason why MN rocker Scott Laurent-a musician with a respected name and success, left his hometown. “I was recording some new songs with Dan Wilson, when I was entertaining the idea about moving to Nashville. I really needed a change. Dan, and many others, gave me the encouragement I needed to make the move.”

More than five years later, he has no regrets, Nashville has become home. “I’ve been able to work with songwriters and musicians whose names I used to read in the liner notes of my favorite records, Grammy winners, recording artists, as well as a lot of people you probably haven’t heard of yet, but I think you will someday.” The decision to move was one borne out of the desire to keep songwriting and performing music for his entire life. “In Nashville everyone wants a place in the industry, so it’s very tough, very much like L.A. The talent level is insane.” That level ignited a fire to work harder than ever before. Laurent’s catalog of songs is up to an impressive several hundred.

Scott’s songwriting process has changed dramatically, in Nashville, the focus is one of collaboration. “There are plenty of people here that are capable of writing the songs for their record on their own but choose to collaborate, in the hope of getting something better. I never thought of that in Minneapolis. We just didn’t do that. I didn’t think to call up Gary Louris and ask him to co-write.” he says with a laugh. “But here it’s completely different. In Nashville a publishing company will set you up with any number of artists- from seasoned veterans to brand new, I can sing but-I don’t know how to write types.” Scott has found value working in this manner. “There are so many lessons to be learned, follow your heart, trust your instincts and don’t let others make you over think the process. Things can start going south real quick if you do.”

In Nashville, Scott has performed with the Longplayers. “I first heard about them on NPR, Bill Lloyd of Foster and Lloyd was one of the founding members as well as Gary Tallent from the E Street Band.” The group takes classic records and performs them for charity. “I was thrilled when I got asked to join them.” He also participates in the “Writer’s Rounds” at the Bluebird Cafe. There are four artists/songwriters onstage and each one takes a turn performing and talking about their song, the others are free to add harmonies, guitar, or just be present. Once a year, Scott organizes the artists/songwriters for the Nashville Writer’s Week at Bristol Bay Lodge in Alaska. They write, perform, and fish in this remote fly in area.

Scott Laurent’s fifth album “Love Don’t Let Me Down” was produced in Nashville by Brooklyn native Sean Power, but will be released back in his native Minneapolis. Two nights at the Icehouse (May 10th & 11th), two vastly different shows. With the promise of great music, night one will be a straight up representation of the album, with the addition of songs off his last release “The Truth Is Lies”- produced by Ed Ackerson (BNLX, Flower Studios) in Minneapolis. Night two will be more of an intimate vibe, Scott says, “stripped down and countrified.” But, why release the album here? Perhaps it is to celebrate the marriage of two genres of sound that were formed by two very different cities, both with thriving music scenes. This album will NOT leave you unsatisfied. “Love Don’t Let Me Down” has a strong country soul, but with a definite rock undercurrent. Minneapolis’ Pennyroyal and Taj Raj will support.


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  1. I love stories of musicians who move to places like Nashville or Austin, and have success with their craft. Great post.

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