Dan Hylton and the Ghostrunners “You Will Go To The Moon”


“You Will Go To The Moon” is the latest album by singer/songwriter Dan Hylton. Backed up by the Ghostrunners, Hylton culled the nuances of everyday life and crafted six different songs, or maybe it would be more accurate to say, he crafted six different stories and put each to music.

The first track is “During Practice, Hers Not Mine.” It’s a quirky title derived from him hanging out in a coffee shop, waiting for his daughter to finish gymnastics practice. The music has a jazz band feel and is a throwback to something familiar, and very sweet on the ears.

“You Will Never Be Alone” was inspired by the Trampled with Turtles’ song “Alone,” specifically, the words, ‘You come into this world…alone. You go out of this world…alone.’ But Hylton’s version isn’t pessimistic; rather, it’s a parent’s promise to a child that he or she never will be alone, no matter where life’s path takes them.

I’ll listen to you in silence, hold you in my big arms

I’ll say I’m with you

I will comfort you, you are loved

Whatever it is you’re feeling now, you won’t face it alone


But the one track that caught my attention the most was “Scarcity.”

I’m afraid afraid to go to bed

With the drudgery of the day, and such a short, short life

Afraid to let go of the day

Even though the close of a day is a gift

For me personally, the song’s words resonated with all the changes I’ve had of my own in recent months, wondering if there will be enough – knowing yes, there is and will be, but still having a twinge of doubt in the back of my brain.

One of the things I enjoy about Hylton’s music is that it’s nearly impossible to listen to his words without finding something someone can relate to. And despite its lofty title, “You Will Go To The Moon” is an album that will keep you grounded here on planet Earth.



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