Event Review of Sound Verite presents Zulu Zuluu and Shiro Dame 7/05/14.


By: Becca Martin

“Choosing Sound”, is something that Jon Jon Scott of Sound Verite Records has a real talent for. Minneapolis can thank Sound Verite for uniting unique music and art in an approachable way. Soundverite1.blogspot.com won’t let you down if your music tastes lean toward a more world, hip hop, jazz, or experimental variation that can be a challenge to find on the dial.

On Saturday night, the Dakota Jazz Club late night show was where I wanted to be. Upon receiving the invite to the Sound Verite and Greg Grease present Zulu Zuluu and Shiro Dame show I clicked attend immediately. I knew that Shiro Dame would own it, and having seen other Verite shows had no concerns over a headliner I had only recently heard about. The Dakota deserves some cred as well for not only bringing international acts to Minneapolis in a great space, but for creating this special late night series that showcases local music. This particular show was ten dollars as compared to the usual fiver. The Dakota has a wonderful staff, great food, and affordable inventive cocktails which make it all the better. A great place to bring a date where you can put a sexy dress on and enjoy some incredible people watching.

As you will know from the previous review of Shiro Dame, I adore them! Again, they brought the house down with their funk, neon soul, hip hop sensuality. Sara White interacts with the crowd in a beautiful way, inviting them closer physically to the stage but also into the mood that the band creates. I think in this town of extremely talented female artists her voice and persona stand out. With the release of the sultry “Crazy Ways” single, and the live video of Radio K performance of “Create Found” see Shiro Dame for yourself.

Zulu Zuluu is chock full of big names, Greg Grease, DJ Just Nine, Taylor Johnson, Trelly Mo, and Alicia Steele who performed a sultry cover of Lykke Li’s “No Rest for the Wicked”. The set embraced a wide variety of sounds with nods to techno, avant jazz, soul, and no shortage of experimental world beats. The audience ate it up, totally entranced and when the clock wound down they demanded an encore. The band was happy to oblige and the crowd kept dancing until the last beat was heard.

My advice is to listen to what Jon Jon Scott and Sound Verite recommend, their ear is close to the ground and they know the players before you do. Catch another great Sound Verite line up at First Ave. Mainroom 8/01/14.



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  1. That wasn’t K.Raydio… 🙂 A different brown girl.

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