Brit’s Pub Tribute to Paul Weller – the “Modfather” Friday 9/5 7pm at Brit’s Pub


By Becca Martin

Honestly, I have nowhere near the knowledge of Paul Weller that I should. Luckily, I have Brit ex-pat friends who can help me out-brilliant! Coming by Weller only recently, I missed his early work with the late 1970’s punk band The Jam, but tunes from the 1990’s soulful band Style Council like ‘You’re the Best Thing’ are familiar. Chatting up Scott Walker, local musician, photographer and organizer for the Paul Weller Tribute at Brit’s Pub, I learned he is a true fan, and paying homage to Weller is very meaningful to him.

“I have been a huge fan for thirty-odd years. He was one of my true heroes…dressed and spoke like me…not like the rock royalty of the day (80’s prog bands).” Having spent an evening with local Replacement’s fans buying up posters and listening to bands cover their songs I could totally relate to identifying with a band’s image and sound. I never was that girl in the Top 40 lyrics that I heard at school dances, never wanted to be.

Scott spoke of the ingenuity of Weller, who even after being dropped from his record label, shook it off and went onto the next frontier-solo, sans a recording contract. He never looked back and began using samples and jazz to form a sound characterized as “acid jazz.” Walker put it like this, “He (Weller) is a HUGE music fan, and it shows in the integrity of his songs, and the facts that he’s always looking for new sounds even after having success.” The “Modfather” is a style icon responsible for bringing back the mod aesthetic, and has weathered decades of rock and roll never growing stagnant, evolving musically but always remaining true to his roots. Not only a true musician, he is a philanthropist as well, having participated in the Band Aid relief effort, Live Aid, and a personal charity for striking miners, a cause close to his heart.

If you haven’t heard of Paul Weller yourself, I recommend ‘WildWood’, or simply recalling the recent past when Brit-pop ruled the airways. Bands such as Oasis, Blur, and Pulp are all Weller disciples. If you want a local band that may have been influenced in a roundabout way by Weller give a listen to Two Harbors and you won’t be disappointed.

The best way to experience Paul Weller would be to attend the FREE ‘That’s Entertainment: A Tribute to Paul Weller” Friday, the 5th of September at Brit’s Pub. Several Brits will be there to cover his songs including Scott Walker, Katy Vernon, Simon Calder, and many more, even some locals who might put an American touch on the British icon’s songs. So, be a mate and come on over to raise a pint!

Event Details:

Friday September 5th at 7pm / Brit’s Pub – between 11th and 12th Streets on Nicollet Mall

*If you want to see the Weller himself, than set aside 9/10 at the Varsity Theatre:

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