Review – The Ericksons ‘Bring Me Home’


By Becca Martin

Peering into the mirror the Ericksons have woven a sumptuous tale that is indistinguishable from their lives. ‘Bring Me Home’ is full of rich melodies and ethereal harmonies that come through in the lush arrangements and vocals of sisters Jenny Kapernick and Bethany Valentini. Recorded in the Wisconsin woods at Justin Vernon’s studio April Base with the skilled craftsmanship of Beau Sorenson (Death Cab For Cutie, Bob Mould), Sean Carey (S.Carey, Bon Iver), Shane Leonard (Field Report), and Michael Lewis (Bon Iver, Alpha Consumer) this fourth album exceeds expectations that were high to begin with after the 2013 release of ‘The Wild’.

Sisters, mothers, wives-those experiences imbue it, as though the album itself percolated and was birthed as the sun rose and set, just as a new baby was brought into the world. ‘Go On’ is a reality based song of a sleepless baby “lying too long in your mama’s arms, and you’ve been crying too long in your daddy’s place” but sang by Jenny and Bethany it takes on shimmering warmth.

‘Baby Tell Me’ is quite lovely, a beautiful acoustic guitar break mid song, and the gently pleading words of a lover who wants to know their partner’s mind. Some things are known and the contents of another’s thoughts aren’t unless shared between the two, between the sheets. A darkly simpler song with shadowed vocals by Sean Carey is ‘Borderline’. The lyrics “road that is long, with a path unclear” carry the suggestion of implicit trust in building a life together. An enviable skill the ability to access essential emotions and simmer them into lyrics that fill your head with images that are evocative of lives fully lived.

The Erickson’s ‘Bring Me Home’ has found a definite home on my turntable and in my heart. An album that will not be tied to a specific genre or age, it will be played until its life fades and sputters to an end. Today let us celebrate its gift of life and bring it home (album out 9/30/14 itunes). Enjoy the release show for ‘Bring Me Home’ Friday, October 3rd at The Cedar Cultural Center featuring BBGUN and special guests.


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