Pennyroyal at Icehouse 10/18/14


Photo By Chris Korn

Becca Martin

Nearly a year has passed since Pennyroyal ruled Icehouse at the sold out release show for their acclaimed album ‘Baby, I’m Against It’. That night was steamy inside the Icehouse, but cold outside where steadfast fans peered in to catch a glimpse of the band in action. Pennyroyal has played festivals and gigs all around the Twin Cities and beyond, garnering loyal fans and leaving me to wonder what the band is getting up to.

I caught up with front woman Angie Oase earlier to get the skinny. It seems the band has been quite busy, even releasing a video for ‘Go Quiet’ that had the band uncharacteristically stoic in front of a white screen. Angie went on to explain that they had to remain “horizontally consistent, no bouncing or bending over, so hard to do when you’re alone with an unplugged amp and you’re trying to rock out.”

Digging deeper, I learned that Angie is looking forward to working on the next album. “The latest configuration of the band has yet to write and record…doing trust falls and playing Apples to Apples in order to get in touch with each other before we tear open our hearts and write the next Pennyroyal album.” Sounds fun to be sure, but where is Angie’s heart in the forthcoming creative effort? She’s been overwhelmed by the wonderful support of “the random accidental fan to the hardcore fans, to the bartender and bookers, etc.” A self-described “unsettled artist” she finds herself in the position of being “more unsettled not sharing with my audience the new songs, the places where I currently am.” Speaking for the band she reflected on how it is “crucial for us to pump out songs, a big part of how we connect with our audience is talking/singing about what’s currently on our minds, living in the moment and just being real about it.”

Promising! Get more of Pennyroyal this Saturday Oct. 18th at Icehouse with The Sudden Lovelys, and possibly a guest who will debut a brand new song that Pennyroyal has been working on!


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