American Cream “Nathan”


Some of the benefits of having a wonderful music “scene” is the side projects and experimentation going on. American Cream, which has been a live side project of Nate Nelson (STNNNG, etc.) has been playing live shows for nine years, and each show has a different line-up of local musicians.

Nelson decided to take American Cream to the studio, and capture some of that live magic on the album “Nathan,” which is double LP released by local label Old Blackberry Way.

You get eleven tracks of experimentation and creative outburst, and the results are unique and interesting. When everything was wrapped up, twenty-four musicians had contributed to the project. It features members from STNNNG, Poliça, Flavor Crystals, Marijuana Deathsquads, Gay Witch Abortion, Is/Is, Seawhores, Thunderbolt Pagoda, Gospel Gossip, Chambermaids, and many others.

Like a soundtrack to a dream, “Nathan” is a treat to the ears. Long jams, sometimes electronic and sometimes noisy it seems to capture something special.

I can however see this appealing more to a musician than a casual music fan. Expand your mind a bit folks, and put on the headphones and give it a listen. It might surprise you.


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