The Person & The People Album Release – 10/26 – Triple Rock

Release Show Flyer

The Person & The People are releasing their new album What a Drag this Sunday night at The Triple Rock Social Club. This melodic rock band pulls you in with catchy hooks and great songs.

They start it out strong with a great track called “I get weird” which is short and sweet, and works very well as the opening track. They mix it up after that, slower tempos, some heavy guitar but nothing hitting full on speed. Musically they sort have the pop sensibility of Matthew Sweet but a little dirtier and more interesting.

As it seems, every group is doing 3-5 song EPs and releasing singles these days. It’s refreshing to see a band go full on and do a full-length album, What a Drag has twelve songs, which is impressive. Not everyone is a winner, but there are enough standout songs to make this a worthwhile purchase.

The Person & The People Album Release Show
The Person & The People, Taj Raj & LOTT
Sunday October 26th, 8pm – $8 – 18+
Triple Rock Social Club – 629 Cedar Ave. Mpls

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