Tired Tongues wag at the Turf Club 11/02


Photo Credit: Matt Barnes

By Becca Martin

Rift really LOVED Wiping Out Thousands, and felt sad when news of its demise spread. The city was left with an electronic void. However, out of its ashes a new electronic rock duo has emerged. Be witness to Tired Tongues at their first show this Sunday at the Turf Club. I sat down to catch up with Taylor Nelson who comprises half of the duo.

RIFT: WOT was innovative and beloved with a good following, what are some differences we can we expect from TT?

TN: A drummer, the other bands that I was in were mostly electronic so I haven’t played with a live drummer for several years. I sing this time around, and there is a full light show ready to go. Every song has its own light show synced with it. I feel like we may need to post signs for people that may have a risk for seizures. It is pretty heavy, but tasteful.

RIFT: If TT was the progeny of two bands whom would it call mom and dad?

TN: That is a hard question, a band that is active right now who we are most similar to would be ‘Big Black Delta’, but if two bands made us it’d be older ‘Muse’ (Origin of Symmetry) and Nine Inch Nails (Year Zero)-my generic answer.

Rift: How did the collaboration between you and Adam Szczepaniak come about?

TN: We met after a WOT show at First Ave., Adam came up to say hi and offered his drumming services if WOT ever needed them, we said “No” and kept in touch over FB. When he found out WOT was done he asked if I ever wanted to work together to let him know. I didn’t say yes right away because I wanted to try on my own. I did send over one of our songs to have him play over and make a video of him playing. I liked what he was doing, his style of playing and how it looked. Some drummers are really proper and upright while others slouch a little and bang, and he was the latter. We communicated for a month and then met up in person, funny way to audition, over video.

RIFT: What band would we know Adam from?

TN: Phoenix Philosophy right now, they travel a lot and have electronic elements too.

RIFT: Is Tired Tongues ready for the show at the Turf Club?

TN: It has been nice to have the time to prepare and rehearse a lot, the whole point is to play a show and see how it goes. The Mass Nerve Showcase at the Entry is the official debut on November 20th.

RIFT: Plans? Is the recording with Adam Tucker (Signaturetone Recording) done?

TN: Yes, six song EP ‘Exes’ is done. We have been working on this behind the scenes, not playing shows for the better part of a year. Writing since March, and rehearsing twice a week. Recorded the EP, made a video, really it is all done. So the stress is the desire to go right back to where WOT was, but I can’t-kind of a disappointment, but at the same time a stupid thing to be stressed out about. We want to release the EP soon but will see where it goes first. I want to play a live show that is why I am so excited for the Turf Club Sunday.

RIFT: You seem to lead a pretty interesting life Taylor. Solo trips that end up with a video that has been seen on Lift Bump over 12,000 times, rental of your apartment for commercial shoots, and a talent for photography, what make you tick?

TN: I’ve always wanted to be someone who travels and has high mobility in life. For instance, I rent my apartment and lease my car; I don’t want to own a home. If I married (he’s single girls), I would not want children. A lot of people look at that and think what do you own? I look at these things as bills, costs to live without being tied down. The 5,550-mile trip I took out west was spontaneous, and a lot of people told me not to do it. I am not one to sit still and watch time pass. I like to create and share what I think and see. Photos from my walks everyday, videos, writing, music-it is just my way of sharing my perspective. The photo/video aspect came out more between January and TT starting. I wasn’t writing that much, figuring life out, everything had changed. The casual things that I had been doing gained focus when the music part of my life died down. I don’t like forcing myself to write, it frustrates me and makes me not want to do it. These other outlets were my ways to create at that time and not make me hate music.

RIFT: Are you more afraid of the Ebola Virus or a computer virus?

TN: Computer virus, (I) dreamed about it a few nights ago. We have been talking about this as a band a lot because we use a laptop onstage and the electronics and light effects are controlled through it. So, if the laptop goes, we would have a very different show, a guitar/drum rocking out jam show. We plan on having a backup on Adam’s laptop so if mine shits the bed we can just continue. I think that the Ebola thing is total nonsense, but I will probably be the first one to get it and miss the show now.

RIFT: Thoughts on the upcoming show if you don’t get Ebola?

TN: It will be interesting to play shows because the music hasn’t been heard live, and also won’t be heard again for some time, unless people make it this Sunday at the Turf, and then again on November 20th at the Entry. This is our only chance to share the music, as it isn’t released yet. Like a movie trailer with no movie release date, I kind of like that. No one knows what they will hear, no context for the show. Similar to a power outage during the day and no one knows why, terrible analogy-but that is how I feel about it.

11/02/24 Turf Club Show info:


11/20/14 7th Street Entry Show:


Tired Tongues Song Link:




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