Not Closing Time For Matt Wilson, John Munson, & Fathom Lane

Fathom Lane Wilson Munson 11-7-14

Becca Martin

Photo Gallery Tony Nelson

Poster Jon Hunt

Whilst circling downtown Minneapolis searching out parking I had that “aha” moment-NOT everyone is here to see former Trip Shakespeare member’s Matt Wilson and John Munson at the New Century Theatre. I was, but it just so happened that it was night two of the Garth Brook’s Marathon and the city was packed. Eventually I found an open ramp, ran a few blocks and in my hurry, banged into a locked glass door. Oh Hell, the night could only get better.

Rock-n-roll time allowed me a moment to collect myself, procure a glass of wine, and find a friend. House lights went down and Michael Ferrier (Fathom Lane) came out to welcome the audience and to say that he was really here to “See John and Matt.” Ferrier conveyed out loud what everyone was feeling, the anticipation of seeing the two Minneapolis icons play together. Fathom Lane’s full band trickled out and they performed a set complete with a new song called ‘Zero.’ It seems the creative bug has bit and perhaps a third album is on its way? Until then, you can find Fathom Lane at The Library.

The duo Twilight Hours that is John Munson (Trip Shakespeare and Semisonic) and Matt Wilson (Trip Shakespeare) casually took the stage. If you are not familiar with these members of Trip Shakespeare, the essential component that they own is spontaneous merriment. The stage loves Matt and John. Their easy banter with one another cannot be beat. Between songs a loose Q & A with members of the audience ensued. My favorite line of the night was uttered by Munson as the merits of a new Twilight Hour’s song ‘Help Me Find the Way’ was discussed: “It (the new song) is right up there, I am a song player-not a song picker. I thought ‘Closing Time’ was a nice album cut.” Collective laughter erupted while the two chuckled right along. One thing is certain that when they get together people will be entertained. By way of the music and the comedy duel. It was a touching moment when they expressed gratitude for being able to still play music. The audience was “rapt” around their fingers. Speaking with people in the crowd I was privy to a reunion of sorts, what shows people had attended and how they first got to know TS. It got to the essence of the history of mutual admiration and loyalty between Trip Shakespeare and their enthusiasts. A history long overshadowed by other Minneapolis bands of the 1980-90’s who were not always so generous to their fans.

They say timing is everything and John Munson and Matt Wilson seemed revved up to share the news of an impending Twilight Hours release that is nearly done with an “unknowable release date.” Take heart TS fans of the news that Trip Shakespeare’s ‘Applehead Man’ and ‘Are You Shakepearienced’ will be reissued on December 12th through Omnivore Records just in time for the Holidays.


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