Live Transmission/BNLX Release Party at the Varsity Theater


Becca Martin

The dedication of twenty years of being a DJ in the Minnesota music scene has paid off for DJ Jake Rudh. November 29, 2014 marked the attainment of a goal for the longtime host of Transmission at Club Jäger, the first ever Live Transmission made it onstage at the Varsity Theater in Minneapolis.


The night showcased not only the DJ skills of Jake Rudh but also live performances of the music that has been his inspiration. To quote Rudh: “Every artist was carefully chosen for this event because each act has their own unique sound while complimenting everything that the Transmission club night and radio program stands for: British Invasion/Mod/Garage/Glam/Punk/Post-Punk/Darkwave/New Wave/Synth/Dreampop/Shoegaze/Indie.” Gloss, The Rope, Frankie Teardrop, Two Harbors, BNLX, and The Ocean Blue all performed their own music as well as covers of artists like Johnny Marr, The Stone Roses, Crystal Castles, and New Order to name a few. Rudh reflected on the fact that it was a very “Big” night for him as he had grown up listening to these very songs and how special it was to have artists that he admired onstage.


Highlights included Frankie Teardrop’s raucous performance of the Buzzcock’s ‘Ever Fallen In Love?’, Two Harbors stunning cover of the Stone Roses ‘I Wanna Be Adored’, and certainly The Ocean Blue’s rendition of New Order’s ‘Love Vigilantes’ brought many a heart racing back to the 1980’s era Danceteria at First Ave’s. Mainroom. BNLX debuted songs off of their new EP ‘Flextime’ to an enamored audience as well as playing a ripping version of the P.J. Harvey song-‘This Is Love.’


Transmission and its audience-again the word dedication comes to mind. People have met there and formed real bonds-even married. It is a family of sorts, like minded music enthusiasts brought together by the passion of DJ Jake Rudh. The inaugural Live Transmission went off magically like the flurries that descended upon the audience during BNLX’s set. The buzz is that there will be more Live Transmission nights, make sure you keep tuned in.



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