Video – Guante – You Say Millionaire Like It’s a Good Thing

“You Say Millionaire Like It’s a Good Thing” is a track on Guante’s most recent album A Love Song, A Death Rattle, A Battle Cry. This album features deM atlaS, Chastity Brown, Kristoff Krane, Big Cats, and others. Guante just keeps putting out solid music, and this 22 tracks includes some brand new songs, exclusive remixes and live spoken word-recordings.


Video – The Velveteens “Sun’s Up”

From the 2014 album also titled “Sun’s Up”

Event – Pennyroyal, Badbadhats, Fairfax, AK and Nallo 1/30 at The Amsterdam Bar


Bae Tigre, Album Review of ‘Memoir of a Happy Drifting Chemical’










Becca Martin-Marx

Bae Tigre is a new addition to the Minneapolis based artist collective Polkadot Mayhem. The collective is a group of musicians comprised of the hip-hop artist Botzy, Wesley Opus, The Once-ler and the band Jellyfish Brigade. Bae Tigre’s sound is a departure for the very prolific collective and showcases quite a different genre. Ranelle Johnson is the creator of Bae Tigre and with nearly a decade of band experience (Tiger VS) for the first time has gone solo. She is also Polkadot Mayhem’s first solo female artist. Ranelle started the project with recording and producing the album in her basement then bringing it to Wesley Opus who mixed it. She handles the vocals and keys live and performs with the unusual line up of live drums, electric cello, and viola. The album is the happy marriage of the electronic and symphonic. Continue reading

houseluna – beyond color – upcoming show

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 7.35.04 AM

It’s really cool we have such a diverse music scene, because out of that you get bands like houseluna.

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Jagged Spiral – Fire and Dice – with Bonus remixed track


You can check out the album and the bonus track here –


Video – The Cooling – Reina Del Cid