Review – Deleter – Zweite Komposition


by Courtney Schultz

Deleter seeps its way through your speakers and invisibly permeates the air of your living room, all while lulling you into a hypnotic groove. With their aptly named second installment of the Komposition EP duo, Zweite Komposition, Deleter drives psychedelic guitar riffs with jazzy percussion. Blanketed by dark, tension-laden lyrics, what emerges is the sound of an adventure shrouded in something surreptitious and mysterious.

The sinister ambiance of Zweite Komposition could be what leads Deleter to describe their music as “espionage rock,” since it just might transport you back to a 1960s spy flick. The EP is a bit more smooth and mellow than its predecessor, though not as likely to put you to sleep as to put you into a trance. With hints of shoegaze infiltrating the underlying psychedelic, post-punk energy and movement of Zweite Komposition, the songs have a fluid sound that still carries enough shadowy rock to keep your blood flowing.

With a noticeably steady command of their instruments and comfort with their influences, Deleter has an impressive streak of inventiveness that molds a sound of their own. Begin by twisting together Sonic Youth and Joy Division, but color it with a new noise and post-rock progression. It’s a sound that keeps the listener intrigued, pulsing, and satisfied.


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