Review of the Documentary ‘Records Collecting Dust’


Becca Martin-Marx

Riot House Records has put out its first film, a documentary that follows a format that has become a trend. This movie features snapshots of acclaimed, famed, and obscure music aficionados letting you peer into their collective memory. I am not taking a shot at them, how can a film that documents the slim line between fan and fanatic disappoint?

Vintage footage of iconic California record shops and the tales of the kids they inspired into riding their banana seat bikes 45 minutes to get to the nearest one illustrate how important vinyl was. Jello Biafra relating how hearing CCR on vinyl as a child was like “opening Pandora’s Box”. Mike Watt confesses to a possibly unhealthy obsession with the licks on “American Woman” by The Guess Who. Conversations that fanatics have all had. First record, first concert… and finding your tribe through the real connection of music.

There is comfort in these shared experiences, and the very human emotions that are elicited. A beautifully edited and filmed documentary that you, like me might find yourself jotting down album titles to search for at your local vinyl shop. Anyone know where I can find She Don’t Know Why I’m Here by The Last?


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