Review – The Persian Leaps – Drive, Drive Delay


By Brandon Henry

The Persian Leaps’ deliver a powerful EP with Drive, Drive, Delay. The 5 songs steamroll through catchy melodies slathered in thick distortion, thundering drums reminiscent of the great power rock bands of the ‘90s.

These guys get straight to business with most of the songs clocking in at two and a half minutes. Opening with a tidal wave of distorted guitars in “Firestarteer” and 2 minutes later melts into “Pretty Boy” a rocker of swirling guitars and vocals that recall Brendan Benson. Most good albums have at least one road song and “(Goodbye to) South Carolina” is the travelogue of leaving your past for somewhere “it can’t find you.”

Drive, Drive, Delay culminates in a final deluge of fuzz in the album’s closer “Permission.” Filled with atmospheric guitars that shimmer in the verse and hit the stompbox in the chorus, it’s the perfect bookend to this superb record.

Kudos to The Persian Leaps for creating an EP with fun, straight-ahead rock songs that challenge the construction of your speakers. There’s no way to listen to this record other than loud. So be sure to drive, drive and don’t delay and take the leap on this fine offering from The Persian Leaps.


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