Review of the Documentary ‘Records Collecting Dust’


Becca Martin-Marx

Riot House Records has put out its first film, a documentary that follows a format that has become a trend. This movie features snapshots of acclaimed, famed, and obscure music aficionados letting you peer into their collective memory. I am not taking a shot at them, how can a film that documents the slim line between fan and fanatic disappoint? Continue reading


Film Review – We Rock Long Distance


Becca Martin-Marx

“I can’t stand all that short music. We dance long distance here…”  a quote from Afro-Beat artist Fela Kuti from which a title was born. Filmmaker Justin Schell was proud as he introduced his Doc several years in the making, the impetus an encounter with the film’s subjects. What follows is a snapshot into the artistic journeys of Minneapolis hip hop artists M.anifest, Maria Isa and Tou Saiko Lee. Continue reading

Film Review – Every Everything the music, life and times of Grant Hart


By Becca Martin

Bechard’s “Every Everything…” continues his documentaries of MN musicians.  This one featured the subject almost exclusively including band footage, which is a departure from the other docs.  At face value people may view this film finding a gentler, kinder version of the Grant Hart than the one we knew after Husker Du disintegrated. However, it delves deeper than that.  Grant the artist is revealed; his opinions of art were quite interesting as were his influences such as William S. Burroughs and Patti Smith amongst others. Time has seemed to heal a lot of the dramatic Husker Du wounds. Grant opens up quite wide revealing fatherhood, and the loss of his mother and home. Bechard has succeeded in a place he hadn’t before, really helping the audience to understand the artist.  After all isn’t that what all artists want-understanding?

This Film is showing Wednesday, November 13th at Landmark Center. As part of the Sound Unseen Film Festival