Video – C.M.J. ft. deM atlaS – Psychosis

Video – Camp Dark – “Charlie”

Charlie from Camp Dark on Vimeo.

“Charlie” is the first video (and single) in a series for Camp Dark’s Nightmare In A Day.

“Charlie was written as an epilogue to a ‘Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis’ by Tom Waits. It’s a continuation of a story about the wanderlust of youth leading to dangerous things, and the associated regrets, coupled with an overwhelming homesickness for what’s been left behind.”

Watch for the next video as Camp Dark gears up to release Nightmare In A Day, which will be coming out May. You can pre-order here –

Music Video – Koo Koo Kanga Roo – Shake It Well ft. P.O.S

Video – Lovely Dark – Into The Roll

Video – C.M.J. ft. Lydia Liza – Beautiful View

The album CM Cool J can be streamed and purchased here:


Video – Falcon Arrow – Landing Party

Video Directed by: Andy Underwood-Bultmann


Video – Guante – You Say Millionaire Like It’s a Good Thing

“You Say Millionaire Like It’s a Good Thing” is a track on Guante’s most recent album A Love Song, A Death Rattle, A Battle Cry. This album features deM atlaS, Chastity Brown, Kristoff Krane, Big Cats, and others. Guante just keeps putting out solid music, and this 22 tracks includes some brand new songs, exclusive remixes and live spoken word-recordings.