Rift is going to 11


In May, Rift will be entering its 11th year. So we have decided to change things up a bit and relaunch a new website with things with extra features, a better layout and more content.

Here is what we have in store –

–  Interviews/Articles about local art and music
–  Local music, film and literary reviews
–  Listen to local music tracks
–  Watch local music videos
–  Local event calendar
–  Local business directory

How we plan to do this without, adding annoying internet ads. Well, we need your help as well. We have a $11 subscription and advertising deal that will help us pay writers, photographers, artists and for the website hosting and maintenance.

Subscription for $11 – Help us turn it up to eleven with a $11 subscription. Includes some cool stickers and some surprises.

Advertise for $11. – Advertise on Riftmagazine.com – Get two advertising spots 500×500 pixels in one month that goes right in-between our features. Also shows up on our Facebook and Twitter Feed.

Deluxe Directory Listing for $11 – Get text and images added to your directory listing.

Advertise and Deluxe Directory Listing for $20 – Save two bucks and get the two things listed above.

Rich Horton – rich@riftmagazine.com



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