Common Labor’s “Tales of the Troubadours”

By Kristine Volovsek

The first time I heard Common Labor’s “Tales of the Troubadours” I was actually walking to work listening on headphones through my phone. The first two tracks really set an awesome pace to move to. Since I had no idea what to expect or what I was about to get into, I was excitingly surprised. When the third track “Burn Down the Old School” started playing I immediately started humming and singing along – I wondered if maybe I had heard it on the radio some place or time before. I definitely jammed to that track on repeat for a hot minute. When I got home from work a half-day later, I knew it was time to listen to this album on some speakers for real. Continue reading


Thank You Rob Podcast – Episode 3 – Analyrical


You should check out the Thank You Rob Podcast. He is already on episode #3, and you can check out #1 – Johnny Question Mark and #2 – Monee, MC Rentz and KC.