Event Review: The Southern Sessions – Hosted by: batteryboy

Overview of the Southern Sessions

By Becca Martin

“Community Cake” was the message. Three sweeping nights of local music in the Southern Theatre’s majesty. Cobey Rouse of batteryboy had been frank about the fact that he had invited artists that had embraced him in the Minneapolis music scene. Comrades who wanted to perform in an acoustically awesome space. It was a concept Cloud Cult had inspired. The Southern Theatre delivered, the sound was cathedral like. The Southern’s staff brought it, helpful and proficient. A sense of community was evident in the attendees. People mingled in the common area, excited to join in the “be here now” of it. A more relaxed vibe than your local hipster club, it seemed to spread to the artists who regaled the audience with charming stories. Continue reading


batteryboy & Gabriel Douglas Present: The Southern Theatre Sessions

southern theater poster 1

By: Becca Martin

“I wanted to hear bands that I like in a great place, to showcase good people, that think like I do. Often when you are in a band the only music you see is the others on the same bill. I picked artists that I would like to see and play with.” That was the driving force behind the Southern Theatre’s three-day acoustic showcase that Cobey Rouse of the band batteryboy organized.  TWELVE BANDS OVER THREE NIGHTS.

I wanted to learn more about this ambitious project, and sat down with Cobey one late night to chat about it. There had to be a tremendous amount of effort to secure dates, a venue, the artists, and then promotion-ultimately hoping that there will be an audience. Rouse and his band batteryboy got the job done with the help of great people, particularly Gabe Douglas of the band The 4onthefloor.

As I delved deeper it was clear that batteryboy has a unique sound, one that has been profoundly influenced by the orchestral folk of Cloud Cult. Ten years ago Rouse had all but quit music. That all changed when he saw Cloud Cult and felt charged up to play music again. To this day he treasures the set list that he has from the first time Cloud Cult played “Energy”. Cloud Cult has set the bar high as very unique players in the music scene. They aren’t exactly radio easy but are much beloved by “outside of the box” radio stations and especially by their dedicated fans. Cloud Cult has succeeded in creating a home for their art, and Rouse clearly respects and has drawn inspiration from that. Batteryboy has evolved to a point where Rouse can write from melodies now to get the structure. “Listen and the lyrics come, and that is it.” The song “Minus One Together” is a beautiful example of this. The lyrics read like a poem. You can see the video and the lyrics here: http://www.reverbnation.com/batteryboy#

Clearly, batteryboy needed to find their place in the Minneapolis music scene. With their unique sound it can be difficult for the band to fill just any slot or play any random venue. Sometimes you find it; sometimes you have to create it.  Cobey and the band decided to take the leap and make a place for their sound. “(We) need to create, to play meaningful shows for other musicians. We deserve to share art and be able to appreciate it. To create events to spread that mentality, to not depend on venues but create the venues.”

This concept has been blossoming in the Twin Cities over the last few years with the likes of Live Letters, Torch, and Sweet 317 to name a few. Events created with the motivation to showcase artists in a spot where they can connect with a similarly intentioned audience. Where you don’t have to fight to be heard, no game on the TV’s, no pool table, no extreme chatter. Rouse, Douglas, and batteryboy have created a path to where they can find “a place to emote, as art, with music as the feature, not just background.” With the overall goal being: “concerts above context.”

The Southern Session’s line-up is like a who’s who of local Twin City’s elite: Taj Raj, Farewell Milwaukee, Gabriel Douglas (of 4OTF) & Lott all signed on for the first night. The Ericksons, batteryboy, The Farewell Circuit, Nick Costa (of The Persons & The People) fill out the bill for night two. The final night is not to be missed with the Katy Vernon Band, Carroll, The Melismatics, and Fairfax, AK.

Rouse doesn’t exactly know where the Southern Theatre’s Sessions will lead but the journey itself may turn out to be the teacher. This will be a very special series to experience as each night promises to showcase a different aspect of our amazing music scene. If you are like-minded and have the desire to connect in a meaningful way with music then I will see you at the Southern!


Music Review – batteryboy – Up For Air


Review By Kristine Volovsek

batteryboy recently finished their forthcoming Up for Air album.  Stories of love being lost and found (or at least the hope of finding it again), the songs on this emotionally-driven indie folk rock album have been brewing in their souls since before batteryboy became a trio.  The tracks on Up for Air generally start gentle, build you up with high energy and lyrics straight from the heart, and then gracefully set you back down while still delivering those little-skin-tingles at times.  Cobey Rouse (vocals, guitar, drums), Shannon Frid (vocals, violin), and Eric Carranza (keys, guitar) completely complement one another’s sounds as batteryboy. Continue reading

Stone Arch Bridge Festival 6/14 and 6/15


The Stone Arch Bridge Festival is back and better than ever. There will be more than 250 visual artists, more than 40 musical acts, a family art park, the Father’s Day car show and a food market on the Minneapolis Riverfront, June 14-16.

The art and music will be spread out among several stages, with three performance stages near St. Anthony Main: Main Street, Water Power Park and Father Hennepin Park.

The best part? It’s free.

Friday, June 14

7:00 pm – Rockstar Storytellers

7:30 pm – Apollo Cobra

8:15 pm – Rockstar Storytellers

9:00 pm – Caroline Smith & The Goodnight Sleeps Continue reading

Jenny Dalton and batteryboy 3/28 at Amsterdam Bar and Hall.


Don’t get too emotional, but both these artists will tug at the heart strings a bit. Thursday nights are for absorbing some alcohol, enjoying a show and then when you realize that Friday is going to be the best weather Minnesota has had in months, you call in sick to work. It’ perfect, I have planned the beginning to your three day weekend for you. No need to thank me. Continue reading

batteryboy’s “Winter’s Gate” video

Check out batteryboy’s first music video “Winter’s Gate”

batteryboy at The Cedar on Friday, March 1st


batteryboy is very excited to be headlining The Cedar Cultural Center on Friday, March 1st. Initially Cobey Rouse’s solo project, batteryboy has recently recruited vocalist/violinist Shannon Frid (of Cloud Cult) and keyboardist/guitarist Eric Carranza (of Hot Date and Better Bones). These three artists create an emotionally primal experience. batteryboy has recently released their first single “Winter’s Gate” and will release their first full-length album around June 2013 (TBD). Continue reading