Video – Guante – You Say Millionaire Like It’s a Good Thing

“You Say Millionaire Like It’s a Good Thing” is a track on Guante’s most recent album A Love Song, A Death Rattle, A Battle Cry. This album features deM atlaS, Chastity Brown, Kristoff Krane, Big Cats, and others. Guante just keeps putting out solid music, and this 22 tracks includes some brand new songs, exclusive remixes and live spoken word-recordings.


Album Review ‘Pangaea’ Toki Wright and Big Cats


By Becca Martin

‘Pangaea’ refers to the theory of the supercontinent that over time separated into several, a journey of crossing peoples and cultures. Today’s culture is blurring at the edges at hyper speed, but not without growing pains. “Much like the continents, people have spread out across the Earth but are all connected.” Minneapolis native Toki Wright has been a voice of social consciousness and action since the early 2000’s, working with local North Minneapolis youth organizations in particular and traveling as an Arts Ambassador to Sierra Leone in 2013. A man of numerous collaborations including releases with Rhymesayers Entertainment, he is not one to sit on an idea. ‘Pangaea’ is the first album to be independently released through Soul Tools, and its eighteen-month birthing proves that some things should not be rushed. Continue reading

Guante & Big Cats: TO YOUNG LEADERS (Official Video)

Mixed Blood Majority CD Release Party w/ LaLiberte and Guante & Big Cats January 26

Mixed Blood Majority CD Release Party w/ LaLiberte and Guante & Big Cats January 26

Mixed Blood Majority is Joe Horton of No Bird Sing, Crescent Moon of Kill the Vultures, and Lazerbeak of Doomtree. LaLiberte and Guante & Big Cats will also be performing.

Here’s a taste of the “hypnotic lyricism” you’ll get at the show:

Event page:

January 26

Triple Rock Minneapolis
$10 // 18+ // 9pm

Order the album –