Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 7


Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 7 is now available – it’s free at all involved artists’ shows (while supplies last), or you can download the entire compilation at

The compilation is a cross-pollination of genres including beat-driven punk, 80s new wave, industrial, metal and synthpop.

The artists on this year’s compilation include:

Avenpitch, OBCT, The Surfactants, Mach FoX, Thought Thieves, Thosquanta, Kether, Promidal, The Night, Audiocentesis, Geodesique, Albuterol, The Trapezoids, OneNeoEon, as|of, Kriegstanz, A Brain, A Jar, and A Jetpack, IKKI, Lord Dracos and KPT.    

In 2003, Todd Millenacker of Avenpitch came up with the idea for the first compilation, Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 1. It was a promotion piece to get recognition for the electro scene and to get the electro musicians’ names seen and sounds heard. Since then, more than 50 Minnesota-based electropunk acts have contributed songs for the compilations.

For more information about the compilation and / or to download Twin Cities Electropunk Volume 7, visit: