Bae Tigre, Album Review of ‘Memoir of a Happy Drifting Chemical’










Becca Martin-Marx

Bae Tigre is a new addition to the Minneapolis based artist collective Polkadot Mayhem. The collective is a group of musicians comprised of the hip-hop artist Botzy, Wesley Opus, The Once-ler and the band Jellyfish Brigade. Bae Tigre’s sound is a departure for the very prolific collective and showcases quite a different genre. Ranelle Johnson is the creator of Bae Tigre and with nearly a decade of band experience (Tiger VS) for the first time has gone solo. She is also Polkadot Mayhem’s first solo female artist. Ranelle started the project with recording and producing the album in her basement then bringing it to Wesley Opus who mixed it. She handles the vocals and keys live and performs with the unusual line up of live drums, electric cello, and viola. The album is the happy marriage of the electronic and symphonic. Continue reading


Beasthead – “Tallest Trees”


Review by Christine Mlodzik

Not that long ago, Beasthead sent in a video to Rift; it was of them playing at a house party. I’d never heard of Beasthead, but I really liked what I heard. Then they sent us a link to their newest EP, “Tallest Trees.” And I won’t lie, I was somewhat at a loss on how to describe them (this is my second pass at writing this review).

It’s too easy to describe Beasthead’s sound as ambient, although that’s one component – “Tallest Trees” is more of a continually evolving soundscape. Their music’s effect is like taking in visual art; much like looking at a fine painting, their music doesn’t require constant involvement on the listener’s part, he/she can hang in the background and simply add to the atmosphere, but this particular atmosphere is rife with sonic richness.

There’s a silky texture to the vocals and instruments as they thread around each other and finally intertwine. While at times it sounds a little disintegrated, more listens reveal simple, delicate loops that give way to fainter and shadowy works.

Beasthead is comprised of Harry Reynolds (vocals, guitar), Doug Deitchler (guitar, synth, percussion), Nick Whebbe (guitar) and Paul Novak (bass).

There are five tracks on this EP and “Numbers” and “Louder” were my favorites. Local rapper Dem Atlas is a guest vocalist on “Different Son.”

As much as I really like “Tallest Trees,” there’s just one thing I didn’t like: I am not a fan of autotuning vocals. At the beginning of “Numbers” you’ll hear Reynolds’ voice and in my opinion, it doesn’t need any affecting. Like I said, it’s just my opinion.

I recommend you buy “Tallest Trees,” listen, experience and repeat.

The EP is available online; hard copies of “Tallest Trees” will be available for free at Beasthead’s live shows.

Music Track – KPT – Something Went Wrong

“Lasko” by Votel

(info taken from Votel’s Bandcamp site)

Votel is a mostly electronic band, with live instrumentation and vocals. Its members are Mark McGee (To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie), Maggie Morrison (Look Book, Digitata), Adam Marx (Seawhores, Vaz), Ben Clark (Cecil Otter), and Drew Christopherson (Polica, Solid Gold). Votel began playing together as part of a weekly improvisational residency in Minneapolis. Now they write songs. Play live. Record.

‘Lasko’ is the first song released from Votel’s self-titled debut.

Checkout more Votel here:

Video – Dichotomy – “Beatnado”

The Phoenix Philosophy “Leap Of Faith” EP Release Show


The Phoenix Philosophy is releasing its fourth EP, “Leap of Faith,” at the Fine Line Music Café this Saturday, March 9. The band uses commanding guitars dueling against a potent influence of electronica, memorable vocal hooks, and pacing dance beats. Expect a high-energy show along with special guests The Modern Era, Venus on Fire, Anchor the World and Aiming for Aurora.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Doors 8:00 PM, Music 8:30 PM
$8 Cover

Fine Line Music Cafe
318 First Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 338-8100